We have a fantastic rug-washing facility in house where the rugs are received, washed, reproofed, re-paired and packed ready for you to collect. If your rug needs replacing we can recommend the HZONE brand which is great for both summer and winter.


Turnout Rug £7.50

Stable Rug £7.50

Neck covers £3.50

Numnah / sadlle cloths £3.50

Coolers / summer sheets / fleeces £6.50

Bandages (set of four) £3.00

Brushing boots (set of four) £4.50

Travel boots (set of four) £7.50


Reproof with NikWax £5.50


Big or small, all repairs will be returned in 10-14 days (all rugs will need to be washed first which you will be charged for too).

Rugs will be returned within two weeks of us receiving them, wrapped and ready to store.